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Fic Recs: AI: Adam/Kris

I had so many Adam/Kris fics in my memories that I figured it would just be easier to make a post full of recs, with summaries and ratings, etc. Stories are sorted by author and put into alphabetical order. Any warnings/kinks were added to the summary.


All the People on the Street Know (PG-13)
After the TV Guide Magazine interview, Adam calls Neil up to freak out a little. Neil is not amused.


Ten Minutes (NC-17)
Adam has developed a rigorous system of keeping himself in check and staying focused. Screw the fuzzy wuzzy feelings. He's here to win not score.


1 | 2
Companion to Marupa

Fiends and Angels
Fantasy AU, trippy.

If Absence Breaks
iTunes meme

1 | 2
Companion to Acrasia

Never Given in Vain
Give crowns and pounds and guineas, but not your heart away.

There are things you shouldn't know about people within certain predefined boundaries.

Kris + Adam + astrology

Taking a Toll (NC-17)
For the prompt "first time". Time travel, but probably not what you're thinking.

That Dizzy Edge
adhfjkahdfkjh Hot porn with plot; non-dialogue fic.


Just One Sheep
Kris needs someone to take care of him on tour. Adam is fabulous in many ways. And sometimes things are what they look like.

Pop Goes the World
Adam likes to take pictures of Kris. Kris becomes a civil rights leader. Kris and Adam finally master Twitter. Also, Adam can't really help the things that happen in his presence.

Rule Number Two (R)
Kris really can't help breaking the rules, even when he knows it's wrong.

Seconds, Hours, So Many Days (R)
On a desert island, there isn't much to do but mark time.

tlk drty 2 me (R)
Kris acts on a crazy impulse and then realizes that perhaps it wasn't so crazy after all.

Turn the Other Cheek ()
The best plan is to just pretend you don't even know they're there. Friendship fic.


How Do You Afford Your Rock and Roll Lifestyle?
This is nothing but me indulgently satisfying my ‘Adam and Kris adopt Allison’ guilty pleasure and mixing it in with my porn obsession. It’s actually technically PWP. Writing is nothing special, but it's funny and cute enough that I put it on the list anyway.


Ya Habibi (PG)
Technically speaking, Kris is not here against his will, but then again it’s hard to say no to Adam.


Pocket-Sized (NC-17)
Written for [info]ontd_ai kink!meme. Prompt 45. Kradam - Kris "riding" Adam, someone catches them...maybe watches them.


hot on your heels (NC-17)
Kris tries eyeliner and it turns into something more.


The club was full of people in way crazier costumes than them, half of them jumping around more than dancing, since you couldn't dance all that well in a giant dog costume, Kris guessed. Slight plushy/furry.

Adam jabbed Kris in the side with an elbow to interrupt him and said, "Okay, so I am giving you fair warning here, the next time you say one word about how I deserved it, or how sorry you are, or for that matter just spend your interview time going off on how awesome I am, I am going to be so totally overcome with love for you that I am going to have to kiss you."

Flash Fic

House of the Living
Megan had been calling them zombies from the get-go; after the third one, while Adam was busy puking his guts all over the sidewalk, she went around to all of them and hissed, "Listen, they're zombies, do you get it?"

Love in the Time of Paper Clips
This wasn't going to be the kind of game where the handcuffs were made of nerf and maybe you got spanked a little to spice things up. Hard NC-17, BDSM.

Not Like That
It just wasn't like that, aka what happens when Adam and Kris light up together.

Kris wasn't brand-new at the substitute gig, but it was still a little unsettling to walk into the office his first day at the new school, and have the secretary look him up and down and say, "Oh, you are going to be eaten alive." Teacher AU.

Preacher Man
Thou that dwellest in the gardens, the companions hearken to thy voice: cause me to hear it. With bonus drabble at the end.

"Oh, you are all such straight boys," Adam said. "Which is hilarious, because it's pretty much conversion trick number one." Rimming.

Sex Machine
"I thought it was going to be an ice cream maker or something," Kris said.

Standing Up
Gratuitous porn scene cut from Winner Takes All.

Winner Takes All
It occurred to him belatedly that maybe he should've been saying no once in a while, but at this point he felt bad—obviously word had gotten around, so now if he turned somebody down, they'd feel like it was them specifically, which just seemed so mean. Adam/Everyone with a healthy end of Kradam.

The hotel room was almost too quiet after the rush of the day and the steady drumming of the shower: the triple-glazed glass kept out the noise of Times Square, so the billboards flashed silently and the taxis and traffic slid by without a sound, like being in space. Kris stood at the window in his sweatpants and t-shirt, staring out at it blankly until Adam knocked on the door.


back to the heartland (PG-13) - WIP
Kris doesn't really want to, but tonight he covers Sweet Home Alabama in a crowded honky-tonk right outside Montgomery.

Blue State (PG-13/R)
Tour time and drama ensues. Companion piece to Red State, though you probably want to read that piece first.

Red State (PG-13/R)
Tour time and drama ensues. Companion piece to Blue State, though you probably want to read this piece first.


Everything All the Time (PG-13)
Kris spends some time with Adam while they rehearse.


Ain't No Sunshine (PG-13)
Kris has a thing about Adam's shadow. Adam is ever so obliging.


Apples Are Not the Only Fruit (NC-17) ♥ ♥ ♥
Local woman wins pie contest! Adam Lambert assists. An AU.


HATERS TO THE LEFT (or: How Kris Allen Learned to Embrace His Inner Kanye)
Kradam friendship.

If It Kills Me (NC-17) ♥
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
"I mean, you guys are like— you’re like soul mates or something. Come on! You’re Kris and Adam, man!" The plane crash AU.

Untitled Drabble 1
Prompt: Kris, Adam, and an 'I miss you' phone call.

Untitled Drabble 2
Prompt: Speculation on why Adam wears his jacket all of the time. Bonus Scorned!Matt.



The Killing Kind (R)
Adam gets in too deep. Written for the ontd_ai kink meme. Prompt: They'd been blowing each other for 2 months before Adam finally got up the nerve to ask Kris for a kiss.

Kinda Like Yoko Ono (PG)
Everything is gone, but everything else has started to happen. Drabble, sequel to The Post-Tour Blues.

Never Find Nobody Better (NC-17)
Adam can't wait until the buses.

Over the Rainbow (NC-17)
Adam had never slept with anyone who had this much to lose. AU, sequel to Rewriting History.

The Post-Tour Blues (NC-17)
Kris had never really been any good at letting go of Adam.

Reason to Celebrate (NC-17)
Adam's a romantic and Kris is overwhelmed.

Rewriting History (R)
AU. Having missed his chance at trying out for S8, Kris had watched in awe as Adam Lambert destroyed the competition that year. Now, he's gotten into the finals of S9 and Adam is a guest singer on the show.

World Goes Round (PG-13)
A day in the life of a new beginning. Drabble, sequel to The Post-Tour Blues.


Bed of Roses (PG-13)
The guys have some things to work out. A post-finale friendship fic involving a bed, some hard truths, and an inordinate amount of talking. And did I mention the touching?

Percentages (R)
Nothing in life is 100%.

Watching (NC-17)
They watch each other.


Reaching OR Five Things Kris Notices About Adam (and One Thing He Doesn't) (PG)
Kris notices plenty of small things. He keeps missing a big one.


Flash Fic

Sugar and Spice (NC-17)
Written for kink bingo. Warnings: knifeplay; very minor bloodplay; open marriage.


Home (PG)
Prompt: Light has appeared in your window. / You are home again. / I have missed you there. Kris/Katy with Adam/Kris undertones
Make Up, Wake Up (PG)
Prompt: Adam/Kris, fighting and make up. This is all fluff, though.
Play Sly with Me (PG)
Prompt: Can I stay here with you til the morning? /I am so far from home and I feel a little stoned.

Faire le Ligne (NC-17)
"Oh come on, Allen," Adam says, catching up and squeezing at Kris' shoulder. He turns him around a little, looking mostly serious, "let's go to Victoria's Secret." Cross-dressing.

Many Ways to Believe (R)
"Kris," Adam finally says, weighted and startlingly close, and it sounds everything like the invite Kris expected to hear.

So Much Softer Now (NC-17)
The night before the final show, Kris feels completely out of his own skin. Rimming, yay.

Tricky Spaces (NC-17)
Two people do not fit comfortably into one bunk. PWP Bunk!sex, frottage, fingering, some dirty talk.

Voices Which Are Silent (PG)
"Kris hates calling it homesickness."


The Art of Losing
But Kris' mind is a blank and his world is quiet little staccato gasps, the warm palm on the small of his back with its steady reassuring pressure, the solid body beside him radiating heat through four layers of cumulative clothing between them, and a million cameras waiting to catch a stumble/fall/crash—

don't think about blue, a blue he can drown in, Pacific-ocean-blue and the precise hue of a pool-on-loan one sun-dappled April day – too late. Katy finds out and makes Kris choose between her and Adam.

Lost the script and blurred the details and forgot the blocking, they avow with ostensibly innocent smiles and wide eyes, nudge shoulders and share laughs and look at tomorrow, tomorrow, once the bubble bursts and the world implodes in on itself. Friendship fic.

Every Farthing of the Cost
That's why people had histories, after all. The past is a neat ledger-book and a chronicle; if you felt shame you would have/could have burnt it, doused it with the inscrutable black ink that still colours you around your edges, that bleeds past your half of the room and into his (the dark circles under his eyes, the five o'clock shadow of a long day).

In the Mirror of Invention
He says, I don't want to hurt you but I need for this to hurt, and you shiver, because yes, that's it, that's precisely it. You remember best the things that hurt you, above and beyond that which makes you happy and makes you smile; it's easy to tarnish perfect happy memories, but indestructible are the ones that are hard and clear and so painfully vivid as to be completely incapable of distortion.

Stammering Elocution
His nerves are a coiled spring a mile long, hair turned to flames around the edges as Allison's curls spill onto his shoulders on the way back to the mansion, all the manic performance high gone and now just tired children coming home with head held high, resolutely squared shoulders and lockdown eyes.

The World Forgetting by the World Forgot
But for an instant, it does him some good, gives him some peace of mind, to be truly alone for the first time in heaven knows how long. Four months? It felt like more, in the best way possible, an eternity past with an eternity to come. Loosely based on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


Colliding with Reality (NC-17)
1 | 2 | 3 | 4a | 4b

Idol Hands (NC-17)
You’re laughing at me,” Adam growled, at contrast with the smile in his eyes.
“Yeah, I really am,” Kris quipped back, hands going to Adam’s waist, pushing aside jacket and shirt to slide over warm, smooth skin. Challenge in his eyes, Kris added, “Do something about it.”

Patience (NC-17)
Kris has been waiting patiently for the right time to act.


Hunting Shadows in the Dark (NC-17)
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Sometimes all you can do is pack up and start over. AU.


Consider It a Challenge (PG-13)
Week eight, after results night.


Every Story Has a Writer (NC-17) - WIP
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
AU. Mega movie star Adam Lambert is looking for a challenging new project when the script by an unknown writer finds its way into his hands and he unexpectedly finds more than he knew he was looking for.


Rubber Bands (PG-13)
Written for ontd_ai with the prompt: Kradam adrenaline-fueled making out while Kris is doing his last clothing change/when they're under the floor on the lift just about to emerge on stage for Don't Stop Believing.


It's a Good Burn (R)
PWP basically, but good PWP.

On in Five (Done in Two) (R)
Prompt: "make me laugh! i love funny/cute/fluffy things. if you can make me laugh AND make it hot, bonus points for you :)"


And Mine Tonight (PG-13)


Split Screen Sadness (PG-13)
A scene-by-scene retelling of the events leading to Adam's tears and the emptiness behind Kris's eyes.


A Little Down That Road
1 | 2
Post-Idol fic.

Light of Different Stars (NC-17) ♥
AU. On Kris's last night before being shipped over to Vietnam, he meets Adam.

The Many Ways to Fall (NC-17)
What if Adam and Kris had a brief but memorable encounter before Idol?

Open Arms (NC-17)
Sequel to The Many Ways to Fall.


Keep It in the Cage (R)
The thing is, Adam's cock is kind of big.


Lullabye (R)
A confusing friendship unfolds into a tumultuous relationship, but by the time Kris realizes what he’s always wanted it’s too late. Character death.


Once Wings (NC-17)
Adam kisses dirty, of course he does. Self-indulgent PWP basically.

Unless the Dreamer is the Real You (PG-13)
kris lives and learns through the weeks of american idol, finding outside comfort and companionship along the way. be sure to read the deleted scene & bonus scene linked at the end.


The Internet Is for Drabbles (PG-13)
Six drabbles from the ontd_ai Kradam appreciation post.

It's Easier to Lie (PG-13)
“Oh honey,” Brad starts, leaning back on the counter and clucking his tongue. “Pants are for Christians.”

Make Me a Promise (PG-13)
Adam is caught between wanting to laugh and smiling so much his face hurts. Of course Kris would be an adorable drunk, Adam shouldn’t have expected less.

Transformers, High School, and First Loves (PG-13)
Three drabbles.


be my singing lesson, be my song (R)
Set after the Season 8 tour. For the ontd_ai kink meme, prompt #56 - kris solo action while he thinks of adam, sequel to halfway to heaven, still halfway to hell.

but then again, maybe (PG-13)
Set during Season 8. Adam cuts Kris’s hair.

did i find you, or you find me?
1 | 2
Set throughout Season 8 and after the tour. The Incredible/Impossible True Adventure of Two Boys in Love.

halfway to heaven, still halfway to hell
Written for the ontd_ai kink meme, prompt #28 - Kradam are separated after tour and miss each other; a late night phone call turns into phone sex.

kid gloves (R)
Flashfic based on this gem.

sing me something brave from your mouth
Set after the 2009 Top 5 Performance Show and Results Show. Adam thinks maybe Simon was right when he said Kris couldn’t win. Kris thinks maybe Adam should go soak his fat head. Fighting and sexy hijinks ensue?


Serious (NC-17)
Written for the ontd_ai kink meme. Prompt: Adam/Kris, rimming. bb kris is reluctant at first but Adam shows him what he's been missing.


take this sinking boat (NC-17) ♥
1 | 2
Two years from his Idol win, and Kris's life isn't turning into the fairy tale he'd imagined. Luckily, Adam's always got his back. Divorce fic. Some Kris/Katy and Kris/Brad.

then we'll throw it on the fire (NC-17)
Porny epilogue to Take This Sinking Boat.


(Every Heart Is) Like a House on Fire (NC-17)
Adam Lambert has the protective instincts of a beetle. Cop AU.

All the More For That (PG-13)
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Epilogue
Kris doesn't mind when life gives him lemons. He is good at making the best of lemons. He just thinks it sucks that when life gave him crème brûlée, he didn't know what to do with it. Future fic.

Ever After
Sequel to More Myself with You. Drabbles.

Far Along This Road (NC-17) ♥♥♥
One-night stands are not for everyone.

Fools and Kings (PG-13)
Prince Adam slays dragons while servant Kris is left to worry. AU.

Just a Glance Away (PG-13)
"You would sleep with me, right?" AU, Adam's POV.

Love and War (PG)
Despite what everyone thinks, Adam does not fall in love with Kris during American Idol.

More Myself with You (R) ♥
Their friendship is hard to explain.

Tangled (PG-13)
“If it isn’t my favorite doctor.” Prostitute AU, drabble.


Want (NC-17)
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 4.5 | 5 | 6 | 7 ♥ | 7.5 | 8
Hot, hot sex and gratuitous schmoopyness.

Success (R)
Adam is the new kid in school. High school AU.


(This Could Be) The Very Minutes (PG)
Written for ontd_ai's Drabble Challenge prompt: #16 Adam/Kris, kitchen of Adam's apartment: Kris realizes he loves Adam in the not just a friend way, any rating, any time after the finale.


Always One Foot on the Ground (R)
Kris is not perfect, and Adam is too distracting.


Like Gasoline (R)
1 | 2
Adam has a sort of sextape and Kris has a dilemma.


The Dreamtime (R/NC-17)
Matt's idea works out pretty well, in the end.

Mixing It Up (NC-17)
1 | 2
The Idol journey and the relationship that grew out of it.

Roundabout (NC-17) ♥
Kris takes an aphrodisiac drug and the object of his affections is Adam.


Bash (R)
Adam felt surprisingly violent about the whole thing.


Without Loss of Enthusiasm (PG-13)
Sometimes the polls lie. Sometimes public opinion's wrong. And sometimes the only person who should be broken, is the one who deals with it best. Just like sometimes, sometimes, the only person who should be elated is the one who cracks.


Serious Moonlight (NC-17)
Public bar sex.


Here in Secret Harmonies ♥♥♥
1 | 2
Harry Potter!AU, in which there are wizards, witchcraft, and wizardry. And a lot of singing. Crack.


mark the day (PG-13)
Some Kris/Katy, character death.

something new (PG-13)
adam has a plan to get kris to try something "new" in each city they tour in.

you've got my disease (PG-13)
people are starting to get sick at the idol mansion. adam and kris have to take extra precautions.


Kris and Adam's Infinite Playlist (R)
Premise shamelessly stolen from Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (the book, not the movie, which I haven't seen). AU.

The Rescue Blues (NC-17) ♥
1 | 2
"He was twenty-two years old, and the only thing he knew about himself for sure was that he was never getting on a motorcycle again, but he kind of wanted to write a song about it. He could already hear the melody in his head." Kris gets lost, and Adam finds him. An amnesia AU. OR IS IT.

Untitled Drabble (PG-13)
Because I know you grew up in hickville and all, but civilized people jerk off in the shower where roommates can't hear them.

Wizard Not Included (NC-17)
Adam felt so weird and crazy that it couldn't be anything but full-on, true and for serious love. He was done. He was a Boyz II Men song. He was a Julia Roberts movie. Kradam friendship, past Adam/Brad.


It's a Mad World After All (PG)
In which there are short tempers, painful doubts, and a fine line between getting swept up in the opportunity of a lifetime and stressing over it to the point of a breakdown.

You Take the High Road (PG-13)
In which Danny tries to make nice, Adam’s a little overprotective and Kris is a good guy—perhaps too good for his own good.


The Best He's Ever Had (NC-17)
PWP, everyone's favorite.


Knock Three Times (PG-13)
They have these little codes, the two of them.

Let's Do Everything for the First Time Forever (R)
30 prompts, 1 sentence each.

Paint It Black (PG-13)
“How the hell do you wear this stuff?” I can hear Kris grunting through the bathroom door as he struggles with the zipper. "I think my balls have gone internal."

Pretty Things (R)
30 sentences, 1 sentence each - part two!

Whatever Gets You Through the Night (R)
Allison POV. But I don't sleep well here, and I can hear them through the walls, fighting every night.


Asking for the Sea
A misunderstanding of motive. Snowballing, slapping, cockslapping, general humiliation, angry!sex.

The Corruption of Kris Allen series
The Weight of the World (Is Love)
In which there could stand to be a little less conversation, a little more action.
Angels or Machines
In which there is a slideshow, and no questions are answered. Mild dominance play, descriptions of BDSM.
Mad or Chill
Wherein there are confessions and things are still complicated.
In Thoughts Constructs
Wherein there are unacknowledged emotional complications and carnivals are pretty gay. Who knew?

Still a Little Bit of Your Taste in My Mouth
That's why they bought the bed. Deepthroating.

Strange Currencies
Some people talk out their issues. Adam is not one of them.

Summer Boys
Delusions and summer flings. Also werewolves. Superpower AU.

Untitled Blow Job Fic (NC-17)
Prompt: Kris is obsessed with Adam's cock, dirty, dirty blowjob. Scrooooll, or ctrl+f "ruby_fruit".


Lubrication (R)
Too many shots + a flirty Adam = danger, Kris Robinson! Danger!


The One Where Adam Is a Cullen and Kris Moves to Washington (PG-13)
Twilight AU, light crack.


The Night Before the Last Time (PG-13)
1 | 2 | 3
Multi-part Adam/Kris story covering their time in the idol mansion, and leading up to the Top 3 results show.


Burn It Up (NC-17)
This was for prompt 69 at the latest ontd_ai Kink Meme: "kris and adam somehow get trapped in a closet. awkward, cramped sex ensues".

Drabbles Part 1 ()
Kradam massage; Kris goes glam.

Drabbles Part 2 ()
"Home Where We Are"; pure schoompyness.

Adam tries to learn guitar and fails. Flash fic.


Dilution (PG-13)
Adam finds out Kris is a vampire.

Gonna Close My Eyes (R)
And then there's Adam, who lingers a little too long, and you know that's going to turn into instinctual magnetism for Kris, you know they're going to start drifting towards each other without even thinking about it; they're not going to know that this, what you're beholding right now, is exactly the reason why. Kara POV.

we may fall then stumble upon a carousel (NC-17)
1 | 2
This is a story about sleeping, lots and lots of sleeping—the kind that's had and the kind that's missed. (Or: Kris likes to sleep in Adam's bed. Things progress from there.) Some Kris/Katy.


And Babylon's Right Next Door (NC-17)
For the kink_bingo square "aphrodisiacs".


painted black (i'll be your downfall) (PG-13)
Adam cocks his head to the side and smiles, slowly. "What did you think I meant?"

we're starting off (i can turn it to what i like) (PG-13)
"So, Kris. What do you do," he gestures between them, fingernails dark and obvious, "back in the real world?"

we're the ones who are many (R)
So Kris kisses Adam in their dark room on a Friday night, presses his dry lips to Adam's, and it's little more than pressure at first.


down by the shore, everything's all right (NC-17)
watching Kris balance on the white crosswalk lines in the dying sun is so pretty that Adam thinks it should be in a museum.

mixed (PG to NC-17)
A collection of drabbles.


That Guy (R)
"What's your favorite thing to do on tour?" a reporter calls out. "People watch," Kris answers, and the corner of Adam's mouth rises in a smile.

Way Down Inside (PG-13)
In the cab, Adam's cheek is turned toward the window, lights and cars passing by in a blurry reflection. They should do a commercial that feels like this, like coming home on a late night, familiar and easy.


on neptune it rains diamonds (PG-13)
a few days before the finale, things come to a head.


When the Lines of Right and Wrong Blur (R)
Kris knows he has to do the right thing. The only problem is that 'right' has become so subjective. Includes Kris/Katy.


Events Unnerve Me (R)
set in these weeks after the finale. some days, adam forgets it's over.


Alternatives (PG-13)


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