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midtown discography!

Midtown was an American pop-punk band from Springfield, New Jersey. Midtown was formed in November 1998 by three Rutgers University students, but soon became a quartet. The band took advantage of the fertile New Jersey punk scene to develop a sound that combined elements of emo and punk rock, and began recording shortly after their formation. Their first EP, The Sacrifice of Life, was released by Pinball Records in 1999. Their second album, Save the World, Lose the Girl, was released in early 2000 by the Drive-Thru Records label. The band was then upstreamed to MCA for their following album, Living Well Is the Best Revenge. Their next album, Forget What You Know, was produced while the band was not under contract with a record label and was later picked up by Columbia Records. This was the band's final studio album; they disbanded shortly after its release, in 2005. (from Wikipedia)

Gabe Saporta - lead vocals, bass; current frontman of Cobra Starship
Tyler Rann - guitar, vocals
Heath Saraceno - guitar, vocals
Rob Hitt - drums

Links: Official Site | Last.fm | Myspace | Wiki

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